Community of Learners

 The Protocol: Excellence by Design

It is the framework for formally aligning all the initiatives of the school to ensure that
all of its efforts are coordinated and focused on achieving the school’s mission.

With this framework/protocol we want to accomplish the following purposes:

  • IMPLEMENT a sense of community and common purposeamong the school’s students and staff, and its community of stakeholders.
  •  DEVELOP a Plan for Growth and Improvement in student performance andthe school’s capacity to produce the levels of student performance expected by the school and its community of stakeholders.
  • ACHIEVE greater cooperation between all of the school’s stakeholdersin identifying and implementing practices that have been demonstrated to lead to excellence in student performance and the organization’s capacity to produce the desired levels of student performance.

In the Excellence by Design process,
the Planning Team must be guided to develop answers to the following questions:

#1:       By the time they have experienced our full educational program and services, what should our students know, and how should they be able to use what they know? What content, skills, and work habits should be the priorities for learning? What attitudes, qualities or characteristics should our students demonstrate?
#2:       How well should students perform the desired outcomes, and what does excellent performance look like?

#3:       How will we measure and evaluate our students’ performance in multiple ways?

#4:       How well do our students currently perform? What is the actual quality of their work?

#5:       What must we do to improve student performance?