Admissions (New Students/Staff)

How to get information about SESO?

  • Parents are interviewed by the Registrar.
  • The following documents are included in the SESO brochure, which is given or mailed to those parents who request information from the school:
    • Pre-Registration Certification
    • Application for Enrollment
    • First Aid and Physical Education Waiver
    • Physical Examination (by a Physician)
    • Tuition Policy and Payment Schedule for Academic Year
    • School Profile
    • School Philosophy
      • Pre-Registration
      • Application for Enrollment
      • Health Record
      • P-VAC-3 or immunization record
      • Two (2 X 2) pictures
      • Social Security Number
      • Psychological Report (K-4th)
      • Official Transcripts (2nd-12th)
      • Letter of recommendation from previous school
      • Admission Test (An appointment will be made to take this test, 1st-12th.)
      • Birth Certificate (Copy)

How to enroll your child in SESO?

Once parents have decided to enroll their child in school, they are required to provide the Registrar with the following documents:
IMPORTANT NOTE: In some cases, the Director will request the Registrar any other document needed in order to determine the admission, such as: Math tests, teachers recommendations, other evaluations, etc. The Registrar will make the arrangements to fulfill all these requirements. When documents or additional information are required from parents, an official letter is sent to the parents requesting them.

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  • For more information about the registration process, please see the documents attached or see the registrar. If the application is sent through email, fax or regular mail, the application and testing fee still needs to be sent to the school.

Physical Mailing Address

Southwestern Educational Society
P.O. box 40
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, 00681


(787) 265-2500

How is your child admitted in SESO?

Applicants will be considered for admission when:

  • All required documents are completed and provided to the Registrar.
  • Director determines admission, based on the student’s record, and space availability.

When is your child officially admitted to SESO?

An official letter will be sent by the Registrar to the parents notifying the Student’s acceptance or if your child has been admitted to SESO under certain conditions (probation, interviews with Director, etc.)

NOTE: Because the spaces are available, Pre Kinder does not have to wait until the deadline to begin admission. New students (grades K-12) will be admitted after the re-enrollment of current students (January 31st).

NOTE: New students in grades PK-12 will be admitted after the re-enrollment of current students (January 31st). Because the spaces are available, Daycare does not have to wait until the deadline to begin admission.

What to do after your child has been officially admitted to SESO?

  • After parents receive the School’s official admission letter, another Tuition Policy will be attached with the Tuition Agreement signed by the School Director or Registrar. Parents will have TEN DAYS to bring or mail the Tuition Policy Agreement, signed, with the payment to the Accounting Department.
  • The Accounting office will accept payments ONLY after the Tuition Policy Agreement has been signed by the Registrar.
  • The Registrar will inform the Accounting office when sections have been closed. Accounting office cannot accept re-enrollment or new admissions after this notification.
  • Capacity for Pre School throughout 12th grade is 24 students per group.

NOTE: Group capacity is determined by the Board of Directors, and cannot be altered by School personnel. The School Board revises the Tuition Policy every year.

Faculty/Staff Process

Click Here to download our STAFF application.