Counseling Services

SESO’s school counseling program is staffed and designed to complement and support our mission n goals, ensuring that all students receive support in academic, career, personal and social development. The school counselor assist students in developing a sense of awareness and self-worth in the acquisition of personal exploration, decision-making, and goal-setting skills needed to facilitate their educational development. Professional school counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and other school and community members to foster, promote, and improve student success and achievement in school. The counselor’s role is to provide the leadership necessary to manage the school-counseling program and ensure effective strategies to implement counseling standards.



The Counseling program will provide services to parents and students through the school year and summer session. The Counselor will provide: individual and/or group counseling for personal situations, academic counseling, prepare students for a successful transition from one school setting/level to the next; prepare students’ schedules; discuss academic and/or personal information with parents and staff. The Counselor will also give ongoing support for academic, behavioral, and social difficulties as needed; help students find information to make appropriate personal, educational, and career decisions; examine and interpret relevant assessment data; access school and community resources; collaborate with and serve as resource and consultant to parents, faculty, staff and administration.

Other services include: contribute to the promotion of an educational climate in which students can grow intellectually and emotionally; plan developmental guidance activities designed to assist students in their personal, social, emotional, and career development. During the academic year workshops are conducted by grades in coordination with the faculty on subjects such as friendship, self-esteem, study skills, peer pressure, time management, good touch vs. bad touch, bullying, self-discovery, and others to be created taking into consideration the needs of each group.