Administration Personnel

  • School Director: Ms. Wanda Ayala de Torres; oversees the entire school operations, functions as the chief executive officer of the corporation, responsible for maintaining and applying the discipline policy and is supported by three Assistant Directors.
  • Early Childhood & Elementary Assistant Director: Mr. Eduardo Rodríguez; assists in the school operations for grades Day Care through 5th.
  • High School Assistant Director: Ms. Sara Acevedo; assists in the school operations for grades 6 – 12.
  • Assistant Director for Curriculum, Discipline and Student’s Affairs: Ms. Margarita Frontera; responsable for maintaining discipline for PK through 12th grade and in charge of academic curriculum.
  • Operations Manager: Ms. Marisel Malavé
  • School Accountants: Ms. Ivelisse Martínez and Ms. María Lourdes Ramírez
  • Receptionist: Ms. María Rodriguez
  • Registrar: Ms. Vilma Cesaní
  • Director’s Secretary: Ms. Pilar Sanoguet ;  responsible for all student applications and admissions and serves as custodian of all academic records. Handles requests for applications and transcripts.
  • School Psychologist: Ms. Nancy Valentín Ansiani; provides services and assists students with academic, personal, social and career issues in grades PK through 12th grade.
  • High School Guidance Counselor: Ms. Miriel Pérez Rivera; provides guidance counseling services and assists students with academic and career matters in grades 9th through 12th; provides college placement assistance; coordinates college fairs.
  • School Librarian: Ms. Nilda Martínez; provides services to the High School Library & Elementary School Library
  • Head of Cafeteria: Ms. Sandra Mercado Abuin; coordinate and supervise the school lunch program sponsored by the Department of Education and operated in compliance with the policies of the Department of Agriculture of the United States of America.
  • School Nurse: Ms. Daniela Mendoza Vissepó BSN, RN; responsible for the school health program and first aid facilities.
  • IT Specialist: Mr. Carlos Montalvo Rivera; responsible for all technology matters such as coordinating, supervising, monitoring, repairing, improving, programming  and management of the school  network and website.


Our faculty is first-rate with distinguished academic credentials and experience. All teachers are fully bilingual and encourage the students to use English in all conversation understanding that reinforcement of conversational English in an informal context is necessary to facilitate full master of the language.

We consider SESO faculty our most valuable resource!


SESO has a competitive and very supportive staff. Food services are managed by the Cafeteria Head who has s staff of six (6) full time employees. The maintenance team of the school has a staff of eight (8) full-time employees fully dedicated to school buildings and grounds maintenance. An external company provides security Services.

Library and Media Centers

It is the aim of the Library and Media Center (LMC) to serve as an integral support component of the total educational program, as a center of resources for technology and educational purposes, the library provides areas for reading, viewing and listening, with learning as a first priority.

Open Hours

Monday through Friday

from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


  • Nilda Martínez – Library and Media Centers

Elementary Learning Media Center

The Library and Media Center (LMC) for Elementary School serves students and teachers in grades Pk-5. Teacher librarians work in cooperation with the other teachers to develop information literacy skills and conduct enrichment activities.

The elementary LMC has a “Storytelling Room” that is reserved by appointment and is often used for story readings, and story telling, puppetry, plays, book talks and conferences.

Students are encouraged to browse through the book collections to select a book to check out or find a magazine to read. This may be accomplished in the regularly scheduled library period, during lunch time, recess or after school.

High School Library and Media Center

The High School Library and Media Center (LMC) serves students and teachers in grades 6-12. Teacher librarians work in cooperation with the other teachers to develop information literacy skills, conduct special classes and provide enrichment activities. The High School LMC has a conference room that is reserved by appointment and is frequently used for class presentations, plays, workshops, conferences, cable television and video viewing on the super screen television.

The High School LMC has a mini computer center with eight (8) computers. Six (6) of these stations have access to the SIRS Mandarin Library Automation System and Reference Databases and to the Internet. Two (2) of the computers are positioned in private areas for individual work. Students and teachers also have access to a growing collection of information resources, such as:

  • Books
  • Computer Software
  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Magazines and Journals
  • Newspapers in English and Spanish
  • Video Projectors
  • Laptop computers

Books are circulated for a school cycle of 6 days. Reference books, periodicals and newspapers do not circulate outside of the LMC. A photo copier machine is available to students, parents and teachers.

Research Collections:

The resources of the LMC are available for the use of the entire school community. The open stacks permit each user direct access to all books and current periodicals. Back issues of periodicals may be requested at the circulation desk.

General Collection:

Books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc are shelved in stacks according to the classification number. The LMC subscribes to thirty-eight (38) magazines and journals and (4) newspapers. An electronic CD collection is available upon request at the circulation desk. A complete listing is available from the librarians.