Community Service

Community Service Program Description

 Dear SESO Community of parents and students:

 All Southwestern Educational Society’s students are required to perform 30 hours of community service per year in order to graduate. Objective #3 Team members and I, as Chairperson & Community Service Coordinator, continue to develop the community service program at the high school into one which encourages and facilitates students’ participation. This letter, will hopefully answer some of your questions about community service at SESO.

Community service activities are those performed to benefit at least one other unrelated person and for which you receive no payment. These activities may be performed any time during your SESO School career, beginning with the summer vacation after 8th grade. You may perform one activity over a period of time or participate in many different activities. Service activities may be performed after school, evenings, weekends, vacations, summer vacations, and, for in-school projects.

The first step is to select an appropriate community service project either independently or through my office. You are encouraged to come up with or create your own placements and projects either individually, with friends, or with a club. In many cases, you will need to telephone the sponsoring organization/contact person to arrange for the performance of your community service. (Attached you will find some suggestions for service projects). As I learn of potential placements and projects, I will post them on the bulletin board outside the Director Assistants’ offices. You should make a habit of checking the board regularly or by visiting the Counseling Offices. In addition, announcements are frequently sent through SESO’s website. Once you have an idea for a service project, I would encourage you to stop by my office to discuss the activity. At that time, you should pick up or download the Community Service Forms, which you should take with you to your service activity.

For further information on the program, please contact Paola García on (787) 834-2150, Ext. 222 or email . I look forward to working with you on this exciting program.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Paola García &  Mrs.Margarita Frontera

Community Service Program Coordinator & Assistant Director for Curriculum, Discipline and Student’s Affairs.