Dear Parent,
Scholar-link is a new web-based platform that facilitates information flow and communication between teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Scholar-Link, which is being designed and developed in Mayagüez, has partnered with SESO for its first live deployment. This document introduces the basic functionality of the software.
Parent Functions: With a single login Scholar-Link allows parents to perform the following activities for each of your children: view schedule, view attendance*, receive/send messages from/to administrators* and teachers, approve requests from teachers* and administrators*, manage a personal calendar, view each children’s calendar, view school calendar*, view pending assignments, view grades, view extracurricular groups*, make payments online*, view/update personal information*, among other functionality. (Note: Items identified with a * will be available soon.)
Login: Using a modern web browser (Google Chrome is recommended) visit and click on Scholar-Link or visit Your username and temporary password was sent via email. To change your password go to the dropdown menu with your name on the Upper-right corner of the page and select Settings.
Parent Menus:
Home: View Events (blue – associated with calendar), Messages (green – associated with communications with another person or group), and Academic related messages (orange – associated with a class). This is the first screen you see when you login. In the right of the Home menu you will see your picture (to be uploaded by you*) and your children’s (uploaded by the school*). By clicking each picture you switch which information you are viewing.
Classes: View (academic) assignments, view grades, view messages sent by teachers related to classes, view educational resources posted by teachers*, and view attendance for each class*.
Messages*: View/Send messages to your children’s teachers and to administrators.
Groups*: View groups (curricular or extracurricular) composed of students, teachers, and parents or administrators. Groups’ functionality allows for materials’ sharing and chatting as a group. For example, the Debate Club or Soccer Team could be a group.
Calendar: Manage your personal calendar and view your children’s calendar. A school-wide calendar will be available soon.
Schedule: View/Print each child’s daily schedule.
Profile*: View/Manage your personal information. (This information will only be seen by you, your children’s teachers, and administrators.)
About Us: View basic information about Scholar-Link.
Contact Us: Contact us for questions, comments, or to suggest new features.